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Player & Parent All-Star Team Commitment Form 

Arcadia Little League provides the opportunity  for participation in the Little League sanctioned All-Star  Tournaments following the end of the regular league season. These Tournaments are comprised of All Star  teams from individual  leagues  throughout  Little  League  Baseball  Worldwide. The  National  Tournament  begins with over 16,000 teamsand culminates in Williamsport,PA for the Little League World  Championship.  This is a highly competitive  tournament and very intense competition that provides an extraordinary learning experience for each of the participants. It is considered an honor to  represent your league as an All-Star. Before you can be placed on the ballot for consideration in your  League, you must read and sign the attached Commitment Form. 

To be considered as a qualified nominee, players must have played in no fewer than 60% of the games  in his/her league during the regular season. They also must have exemplary skills and attitude, and be  recognized by peers, managers, and coaches for their playing ability during the regular season: 

Skill  Level – In  the  opinion  of  the  individual  team  manager,  each  All-Star  Player  chosen  must  demonstrate baseball skills in the top 25% of the players within their age group. 

Personal/Family Commitment – Each  player must  be  willing  to  commit  himself/herself  completely  to  the All-Star team and the schedule as set forth by the Manager and tournament officials. This may mean a commitment  for  the  bulk  of  the summer months (especially  for  Majors and  above).  The  player  is  required to attend every practice and game and will not be excused without a valid reason. Unexcused  absences may be penalized up  to, and including,  removal  from  the All-Star Team. The Manager of  the  All-Star Team will make the final determination. 

Regular  Season  Performance  and  Playing  Ability – During  the  Arcadia  All-Star  Selection  process,  managers and coaches will nominate those with a high level of regular season performance and playing  ability. Those  nominations  will  be  placed  on  a ballot  for  final  voting and,  ultimately, selected  and  approved by the Arcadia Little League All-Star Committee. 

All-Star Tournaments 
All-Star tournaments begin at the District Level and progress through several levels of play, depending  upon the age group. All 9-10, 10-11 year old and Softball Teams progress to the State Level, while Major,  Junior, Senior and Big League teams culminate at a World Series Level.  Each Team entered is committed  to participate throughout each level until eliminated. Arcadia Little League will, at all times, attempt to  provide  the  All-Star  teams  with  as  much  financial  support  as  possible.  Parents  may  be  asked  to  participate in these extra expenses as League budgets permit. It is the intent of Arcadia Little League to  enter  the  best-qualified and most  competitive  team(s)  possible  to  represent  the  League  in  this  prestigious post-season event.

Minimum Playing Time 
All-Star  Tournaments  operate  under  the  Little  League  Tournament  Rules.  These  rules  are  DIFFERENT  from  those  used  during  the  regular  season. Given  that  the  objective  of  the  All-Star  Tournament  is  to  field the best teams with the best players at any one time – be aware that the All-Star Manager is only  required to play a player for THREE (3) consecutive outs and at least ONE (1) at bat in the entire game.   This sometimes means that players on the roster (typically those who are not starters) may only get a  minimum amount of playing time during tournament games. It is the sole discretion of the Manager to  make these decisions and may be very fluid as games unfold during Tournament play. 

Key Dates All-Star District 6/AZ State Tournaments: Please check the Arizona Little League Website for correct date and time information

Notes to Parents 
Your players MUST be available for the dates – NO EXCEPTIONS.  It is not fair to the other players  and families so we must strictly enforce this. There is a possibility that one of the Arcadia Little League teams makes it out of the State Finals this  summer. While the road out of Arizona would be very difficult, it is not impossible with a good squad. If any of the teams make it out of Arizona, they would play in the Western Regional Championships in  August out of state. Obviously, you should be aware of this and would need to plan accordingly in order  to accommodate the team games as necessary.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions 
The acknowledgments of the above outlined commitments are required to be considered to participate  on  the  All-Star  Team.  Failure  to  sign  this  form  will  automatically  remove  the  player  from  the  list  of  nominees for consideration. Utilizing a list of eligible nominees, the Team Managers in their respective  divisions will vote and provide their recommendations to the All-Star Committee for final approval. The  Arcadia Little League All-Star Committee will make every effort to choose the best-qualified players to  represent our League and community. As with any such process, there will be those who do not agree  with  the Committee’s decisions. However,  the  decision  of  the All-Star  Committee will  be  final.  In  the  event that an All-Star Player must be replaced after having been chosen for the team, the replacement  player will be selected from the original list of nominees in the order established by ballots at the time  of Team selection. 

Nominee and/or All-Star Player 

I hereby propose my/our son’s/daughter’s name for consideration for the Arcadia Little League All-Star  Softball/Baseball  team(s).  I/We will  be  totally  committed  to  the  team,  to  all  team  practices  and  tournament  play. I/We  have  no  other  commitments  such  as  vacations or summer  camps,  that  will  potentially interfere with my/our son’s/daughter’s responsibility to the All-Star Team as listed on Page 1.  


I understand that if I/we do not fulfill my/our obligations and responsibilities to the team, the Manager  may use his/her discretion to replace my/our son/daughter on the team.   

Players Name _______________________________________ Date of Birth _______________ 

Players Address __________________________________ Players School _______________

Players Signature ____________________________________ Date ______________________ 

Parent/Guardian Signature ____________________________ Date ______________________ 

Please Check Box(es) Below: (NOTE – Boys may request to be on any ballot they qualify for by age)
Baseball_______ Softball ______
Minors- 8/9/10 _____ 

Minors- 9/10/11 _____

Majors- 11/12  _____

Majors- 11/12 _____

50/70- 12/13 ______ (note- ARLL will not have a 50/70 possible placement with MRLL)

Disclosure of any Currently Scheduled Commitments (if any): Please note if there are any currently scheduled commitments during the months of June, July and August 2021 that may prevent the player from participating in team practices. This includes vacation, travel, sports camps, other baseball/softball tournaments, etc.

Dates/Purpose of scheduled commitments: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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